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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Come what “May”

I have been out of blog sphere for nearly two weeks and was equally flabbergasted to see a kind of dormancy among my fellow bloggers. While Bond is solving the "Love Triangle" case, Ceedy is stuck with "Project Why". Chag is busy with "Salsa", Divya is mulling over the "Without Water" issue. Jaggu is enamored by the "Jai Ho" bandwagon, Jishnu is vexing about not being a "Dawkinian Atheist". Thankfully, Ashu & Potter are not caught in this phenomenon called “slowdown”.

From my side, May started off very slowly but without prior notice the work started piling up. I started reading three books but was not able to complete them. I tried following IPL, but that too came to an abrupt end. I tried watching a movie and till date hasn’t finished watching it. On the whole, I have been leading a mind-numbing life.

January, you gave me lot of hopes and aspirations
Thirty one days of enthrallment and exhilarations!

February, you made me mature and wise
I grew old and was it not paying a heavy price?

March, you changed the course of my meaningless strife
You unveiled the missing link in my mundane life.

April, you taught me the power of patience
Success comes after years of toil and sound resistance!

May, you haven’t been quite nice to me
For I am no longer what I used to be

June .. December, I will relive and revive those lost days in May
By being productive and purposeful come what May

How has May treated you till now?