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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Work Nirvana

At work, she opened her inbox. She was flabbergasted to see several emails that were generated in the last fifty minutes. She never felt so important at her workplace. Chat messages popped up on her system asking her to join the ongoing escalation call. She had seen this issue earlier and had reported it. “No one took any actions then. Work in my office gets done only during escalations.” she sighed.

When the customer escalated it as a service impacting issue, he needed someone to bear the brunt. He had seen her email earlier, he handpicked her to face the heat. “She had raised this issue, why didn’t she fix it?” he thought.  All he wanted was a cover up for his negligence and due diligence. He overlooked her statements in the emails that she had written asking for help.

She joined the call, everyone was taking her name. “Who are they? Why do they keep asking me the status? I know the issue but I don’t know the fix” she thought.  Every two minutes, they were asking her for updates. She pinged him, he never responded. She was on the call throughout the day, with absolute no progress. She needed help but no one seems to understand her predicament.

By late evening, he joined the call. He pinged her on her messenger stating that the issue has been escalated to CEO and he will join the call. She replied, “It's good, the more, the merrier!” He was taken aback by her response. She chuckled “All the while he was blind, deaf and mute to my request. It doesn’t matter whoever joins the call. If I don’t know, I don’t know.”