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Outside hardens the core
As I start to grow
I see the long way to go

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Shades Of Love

Love, thy has many names
When a guy is besotted with a girl, you are called infatuation
When a mother showers her attention on her child, you are called affection
When two strangers care for each other, you are called friendship
When a soldier dies for the country, you are called patriotism
When an artist shows his creative prowess, you are called the muse
When a person shows dedication in his work, you are called passion
When there is a mark left on the platform, you are called lust
Love, you have many facets
Which one suits you the best?

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Binding Laws!

When I was born, I started to cry
I followed the laws of birth!

When I turned one, I started to walk
I followed the laws of growth!

When I turned three, I started school
I followed the laws of learning!

When I turned twenty one, I started working
I followed the laws of earning!

All the while, I led a life of discipline
I followed the laws of society!

Appeasing others, not at peace with myself
I gained no friends, just avoided animosity!

I wonder
Was the rule not meant to broken?
Was the extreme obedience worth it?
For I have lost the real me!