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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

When Aal is Not Well!

What happens when a leading director casts a leading actor and actress in his next movie? The expectation soars! To cut it short, 3 idiots has a decent start, a dreary middle and a drag ending!

The characters are over the top especially that of Rancho and Virus. Mr Irani as Virus is at his petulant best, a typical case of a great talent in a miscast! Ms Kapoor doesn’t have much role, in fact couldn’t make out why she was there – to add glamour quotient? Mr Khan as Rancho does well but his character does have shades from his previous flicks like DCH, RDB etc. Its time for the entire “Khan”dan to move on and make way for the “Kapoor” clan!

I was let down by the movie and its director Mr Hirani who had come up with some outstanding works in the past! Why Mr Bhagat made such a hue and cry, the movie is just “inspired” by “Five Point Someone”! May be Mr Hirani will ensure that Mr Bhagat is duly credited next time while filming “2 States”!

Mr Hirani, all I can say is “Aal is not well that does not end well!” Waiting for more Munnabhai type series from you! In fact, the audience is the 4th idiot for making the movie a roaring success.

Do you disagree?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Small Snippet from my Daily Diary!

I have never waited for anybody in my life like the way I waited for him today. I made a few frantic calls which were unanswered. I don’t understand why people sometimes utilize their “mobile” phones like their landline counterparts, defeating the purpose of being available all the time!

I asked few of his friends whether he would turn up, they said “Not quite sure, he had stayed back late in the office yesterday.” I had to meet him today else I would have to live in the mercy of others! By noon, a silhouette near my cubicle signaled his arrival. My joy grew no bounds!

I turned back and said “Dude, I have been quite paralyzed since yesterday night. I have been waiting for you!”

He said “Lady! Don’t you trust me so much? I am not going to run away with it. Here is your purse. In fact I saw it lying near your office phone and ensured that it is safely returned!”

Monday, January 11, 2010

An Ode to a Special She

She is always preoccupied
Never knew what kept her so busy!

She appears strict and stern
Never knew that her countenance had compassion concealed!

She speaks so less
Never knew her silence spoke so much!

I got a chance to play her part for a week
I gave up ... lost ... went weak

I realize... She is indeed hard to replace
For she is an epitome of grit, guts and grace!

Now, can you guess the Special She?
If you can, you will agree with me!