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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Take A Walk Down Memory Lane

Some people wait for things to happen, some others make it happen!

Yesterday’s incident highlighted the latter statement. My college mate N had come down from US and she sent out emails to most of us settled in Bangalore. After a series of email exchanges, five of us decided to meet on Wednesday i.e yesterday.  N’s perseverance to find out about her batch mates in Bangalore, getting their email IDs and successfully accomplishing the get together is truly admirable. It is so ironic that she had to be the trigger to wake her batch mates up from hibernation and make them meet up, though they stayed within 1 km radius from one another.

Some of us were meeting after a decade, so catching was enamoring and enchanting. The photos taken were soon shared in the social networking group which received immense likes from other batch mates. Soon, N started a Whatsapp group and within half a day today, twenty of us across of the world were connected. Everyone was equally thrilled, nostalgic and soon many discussions followed.

Thanks to N, she took me back to good old days. She reminded me of a dialogue from an old Malayalam movie whose translation is “Why didn’t we think about it before!”

We are lucky to be in a generation which saw the transition from letters to phones to emails to mobiles to smart phones. We had innocence, we had values, we knew the limitations, we respected elders, and we valued time and money.  We enjoyed the rain, we enjoyed the scorching heat, and we enjoyed everything that was thrown at us. Years passed by, we saw immense changes in and around us but we haven’t lost ourselves, our core values which make us what we are today!