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Monday, May 6, 2013


He is sought in various places of worships
He is sought mainly during hardships
He, the Supreme Being, controls and whips
The universe, its inhabitants and its relationships

He is bribed with wealth and abstinence
He is believed to appear on penance
He smiles at our blind faith and ignorance
For, in each one of us, he makes his presence!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Deciphering Passion

In my earlier write, my perspective of success was elaborated, whereas this post is related to passion. Somewhere, passion and success go hand in hand, though there is no guarantee that passion be accompanied by success. It is quite evident that the right amount of passion can help sustain interest and give you immense satisfaction. While diligence and intelligence are the key ingredients, passion is that salt needed for the cuisine of success to taste better!

If you are passionate about something, you tend to put your heart and soul in pursuing and perfecting it. Where there is lack of passion, there is boredom, lack of uniqueness and growth. The question that generally crops up is whether passion can be acquired? I believe it can be, all that is needed is a little change in your thought process.

Every task will have certain challenges and if you start enjoying them, they will entice you and sooner or later, you will become passionate about each and every task you perform in your life. The words “boredom”, “monotony” etc. will be forever eradicated from your life’s dictionary. In short, work on your killer instincts, be passionate and seek out those perfections in your imperfect life!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Deciphering Success

The word that has always intrigued me is “Success”. I have always wondered what it takes to be successful and what exactly success meant. The dictionary describes success as “an event that accomplishes its intended purpose”. If you went by the dictionary meaning, cutting up vegetables for the purpose of cooking is an example of success. But do we really see success in that? The answer is - obviously not.

I’ve seen people clubbing success with the amount of wealth and the kind of life style a person leads. So generally, it is assumed that a person who drives a luxury car, lives in a plush apartment and consistently travels to exotic locales is very successful. Has anyone really observed the kind of lifestyle such people lead? Are they really successful? Are they really happy? In short, success and happiness go hand in hand, happiness comes in the form of satisfaction. For the same reason, if you observe the lower income group, they tend to be more happy and satisfied as they find their success in having meals three times a day.

The general argument is that if satisfaction is termed as success, you end up limiting your goals. You have the potential, but since you are already satisfied with your life, you do not challenge yourself and in the long run, the sense of dissatisfaction sets in. So what is the secret to success? Surely there are no shortcuts and generalizations, it varies from person to person.

You need to be open to challenges, keep facing them, enjoy the entire process and never worry over the results. If you are able to crack the riddles, more will open for you. If you are unable to, you will surely clear it next time. In short, don’t complicate your life, make simple goals, and attempt the opportunities thrown at you. If throughout the process, a sense of satisfaction prevails and your face radiates a smile, you are indeed successful!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sick Verse

I asked cough and cold to stay away
Instead they put me in the sick bay
The throat says I need some rest
The nose says relieve me from this pest
Eye says I can’t hold the tears
Head says the ache is quite severe
Stomach says don’t gulp down
Back says I need a rub down
The entire body lost its zest
Unwillingly obliging to the unwelcomed guest!