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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Line, Chants and the Key

When you think you have reached that LINE, sometimes few CHANTS can be the KEY that can unlock the sublime nuances of life! Well, that exactly summarizes an entertaining and exciting evening that I had yesterday.

Being a part of a book club, had this great opportunity to interact with the writer of three popular fictions – “The Rozabal Line”, “Chanakya's Chant” and “The Krishna Key”, Mr Ashwin Sanghi. Discussions were not limited to his body of works, but it also covered the ideation process, refinement process, the trials and tribulations of an aspiring writer! The author was quite approachable and his enthusiasm and ebullience made the event even more exuberant. Gracies to Mr Haigins and gratitude to the members of the club for putting up a grandiose session!

The event was followed by a small get together of the “like minded” group members who had their own stories of struggles, surprises and successes to share. Blogger in me has woken up from the deep slumber, but is it just for a temporary phase before she goes back to her hibernation mode?