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Monday, October 3, 2016

How He Changed My Life!

I was very averse to Bollywood movies while growing up, to such an extent that I didn’t know any of the major stars in the Hindi filmdom. I remember watching my first Bollywood movie “Saajan” in the theater with my sister and her friends.  From the excitement that they showed, I garnered the fact that the lead actress was numero uno.  I was waiting with baited breath for intermission, by the end of the movie, I was yawning.

After my first tryst with Bollywood movies, I decided not to watch any. However, my vow didn’t last long. During the summer vacation in the same year, I was forced to watch “Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander”, as my sister didn’t have any company.  By the end of the movie, I told my sister “The hero is cute, one song is good”.  However, I made my stand clear that I don’t enjoy Bollywood movies.

During the good old Doordarshan days, the TV series aired were of very good quality and content.  It was during those times, a young energetic actor had caught the viewer’s attention. He made appearances in TV series like Fauji, Circus etc. His looks were quite average but there was something about him, his charisma, very magical and magnetic. As an avid viewer of TV, this actor caught my attention. I used to wait for his episodes.

As I was not following any news about movies and its actors, I didn’t know that the same actor has signed his first Bollywood movie.  After my 10th grade examination, I got to watch his movies “Baazigar”, “Darr” and “Deewana” in quick succession.  When he talked, he smiled, he cried, he danced, my heart pounded faster.  For the first time in my life, I started enjoying Bollywood movies. He made it huge in Hindi filmdom and became the reigning “Romantic” hero.

I started following his interviews, his movies.  I was literally stalking him. His pictures adorned my bedroom walls and wardrobes. The computer’s hard drive had a folder full of his pictures and songs from his movies. Anyone could guess what my computers’ wallpaper, screensaver, and Windows login password would be. I started fantasizing about him. For me, he was a paragon, an epitome of perfection.

During my twenties, he ruled my head and heart.  I was so enamored by his quick wit, his gift of the jab and his intellect that I was looking for the same qualities in all the guys who came into my life.  As I entered my thirties, a period of normalcy settled in. His success story being very inspirational, a man with no godfather makes it big due to his tireless passion and insane energy.

There can be one and only one person, erudite and eloquent who keeps entertaining, enticing and exciting me all these years. His name is Shah Rukh Khan.