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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Enchanted Encounter!

She had never interacted with him. He was her junior at work. They hardly had communicated outside work. While at work, it had been just exchanging pleasantries. Soon, she left the organization and there was no further communication between him and her.

Meanwhile, he shifted his job, left the country and moved to the US for greener pastures. Little did they know that their paths would cross again! They met at a restaurant.  It was more than a decade since they last met, however, they could easily recognize and remember each other’s name.  They learned that they were neighbors in the US. They exchanged phone numbers and decided to catch up some other time.

They met again. He did all the talking, while she listened to him attentively. She had picturized him in a certain way but he turned out to be totally opposite. Back home, he was quite reserved, but in the new city, new country, he was rediscovering himself. He made new friends and was extremely extroverted. “He is quite garrulous but he is interesting.” she thought.

One fine day, she wanted a break from her routine, mundane life. She texted him asking about his evening plans. He was surprised to see her message but responded back by asking whether she was interested in a Friday night rendezvous. With no further hesitation, she decided to join him. He was taken aback.

 “I have never done it before and never will I. I don’t want to miss this opportunity” she thought. He took her to a pub. He introduced her to all his friends. Everyone had interesting stories about him. His friends were like him, extremely easy going and entertaining.  She hit it off with his friends. He thought “Was she like this all the while? I have seen her being very serious and reserved at the office. She seems to be an enigma”.

Together, they did pub-crawling, enjoying each other’s company, quite oblivious of the surroundings. They held hands and in an inebriated state, danced the night away!