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Wednesday, December 31, 2008


If I was a gardener,
I would have cleared the weeds of envy and egocentricity

If I was an artist,
I would have wiped out the colors of rues and miseries

If I was a firefighter,
I would have never extinguished a spark called hope

If I was a mason,
I would have laid the bricks of education, empowerment and enrichment

If I was a teacher,
I would have never taught the words synonymous to corruption

If I was a writer,
I would have effaced terrorism from my readers’ minds

If I was a politician,
I would have strived to build a Utopia in my country

Alas, I am just another programmer
Designing her software called Life to match the entire IF conditions

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

50, Not Out

It took nearly a year to get my half century(50th blog), I have a make of a good test player (Are the selectors listening???) Well, what should I put down on paper? May be about some random thoughts that have crossed my mind while I write these lines.

I was quite elated when India won the match yesterday. Somewhere, I had this sixth sense that India is going to win the first test match, and indeed we did. Kudos to Sehwag for he laid a solid foundation. “Well begun is indeed half done!!!” Little master gave a perfect finale, hence proving that “All’s well that ends well!!!”.

I have completed reading the following books - Almost Single by Advaita Kala, Manual Of The Warrior Of Light and Like A Flowing River by Paulo Coelho. I just got carried away by the synopsis of Almost Single. Its just another potboiler which can make a perfect Bollywood script for the multiplex audiences. Not because I am bigoted about Mr Coelho, the latter books were quite inspirational and can be termed as must read.

Most of my friends feel that I have only poignant tales to convey through my verses. I am a very optimistic person but my compositions prove me otherwise. It calls for some retrospection, introspection and correction and what a perfect way to start them as the New Year is round the corner.

It’s time to go back and figure out how the year 2008 has been. It’s been a kind of mixed bag, with moments of grief and glee going hand in hand. Recent untoward incidents at the security and economic levels reinstated the fact that “Nothing is permanent in this world apart from Death!!!”

I am looking forward for the Xmas holidays to spend some quality time with my kith and kin. There are some plans for a school reunion, but not sure whether it could ever work out. Anyway, keeping my fingers crossed.

2009 is just 1382400 seconds away. Before signing off, a few lines:-

The current year will be gone
As another year beckons
Its time to make amendments and corrections
To chalk out new plans and resolutions

A new year brings in new hopes
New hurdles to cross, new challenges to cope
Its time to curb all tensions and fear
To make 2009 a fruitful, peaceful and prosperous year

Sunday, December 14, 2008


I venture out after a long time
And I feel a chill down my spine
I see visions of brutal, barbarous warfare
Humankind yearning for peace, love and care

I leave for my workplace
With a feel of uncertainty I need to face
I see visions of idling and state of no job
Thwarted, tormented, discontented mob

I decide to take a relationship ahead
A fear of commitment creeps in my head
I see visions of kinship gone bust
Love long lost, no respect, no trust

The fear, the fright grows on me
I ceased to be what I used to be

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Citizen's Plea

Nearly a dozen terrorists crossed the sea
Reached Mumbai, started their shooting spree
Police, loaded with lathis and artilleries quite old
Became mute spectators, unable to hold

The mayhem that rocked the nation
Began with a gory onslaught at the CST station
Soon Taj, Trident and Nariman House were captured
And its inmates were confined and tortured

Few others became victims of weaponry skills
NSG commandos were brought to end this impair
One militant caught and rest were killed
After sixty hours of explosions and gunfire

The media was on a competitive race
To forge ahead in their respective space
Pak had a role in this nerve wracking play
Is all that the government had to say

People across India is seeking an explanation
What government will do for its nation?
Citizens, currently in a state of shock and sorrow
Need a terror free, peaceful and secure tomorrow