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Monday, April 27, 2009

If I were to be reborn
I want to be Jason Bourne

Truly the fabulous fictional character
Is the most charismatic, most sought after

Amnesia coerced him to search for his Identity
But it didn’t dither him from gaining Supremacy

Giving his foes tough times and ultimate Ultimatum
Discovers and discerns his son to sustain the Legacy

Emerges victorious even in brilliant and bizarre Betrayal
Hunted and hounded, still not bounded by any Sanction

To track down his Nemesis, opted for Deception
What’s his next mission, his next Objective?

If I were to be reborn
I want to be Jason Bourne

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Out Of Hibernation

I have been dormant for a while. Last day my friend asked me “Looks like you have stopped blogging”. I gave the usual exculpation of “having no time”. He reminded me of my golden statement “There is time for everything, all you need to do is to manage it well”. My response – sheepish and speechless.

Anyway, the updates from my side:-

- Have been blogging in the social blog co-authored by Ashutosh and Anushree. It’s more of serious blog with plenty of matters and hardly any dope. Do have a look.

- I had travelled home for Vishu (Kerala’s New Year). Didn’t receive much Kainettam this time, my wish to become Richie Rich on Vishu foiled and fizzled out.

- Awards always eluded me, but how long they could resist? Recently received an award for being a Star performer for the last quarter. Hard work always pays off in the end.

Signing off with some photos of Vishu to view and revel :-)

Also, do update me about what you have been upto.