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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Concerns of a Clueless Citizen

Last 3 days have been horrendous. There are no words to describe the trauma that the financial capital had to go through. It exposed the gullibility of out security measures and the lack of concern from our so called democratic government. I salute those brave soldiers for their chivalrous act and my sincere and heartfelt condolences to the bereaved families.

The coverage and courage of the media need to be lauded but they did go overboard sometimes by giving contradicting reports about the number of death tolls, number of terrorists etc. One news channel reported about Israel going to sever ties with India because of the way the NSG carried out its operation at Nariman House. To the government of Israel, how should it be carried out?

Another news channel carried information about “disturbed” Amitabh Bachan having to sleep with a gun under his pillow. So what? He has his best brother, his savior Mr Amar Singh. By the way, where was Mr Singh? Went into a shell or were you discussing how to politicize this entire terror tamasha?

There was long silence from our very much erudite Prime Minister, Mr Manmohan Singh and our very own home minister, Mr Shivraj Patil. What were they waiting for? Mrs Sonia Gandhi to give a green signal? Where was our “mute” President? (Oh, I forgot her name!!!). Is she aware that Mumbai is a part of this subcontinent called India?

Mr Narendra Modi, I didn’t know that life of an officer is only worth one crore!!! What about those innocent souls who were held hostage and killed by terrorists? Mr L K Advani, thanks for visiting Mumbai and blaming the intelligence. We are aware that the intelligence did not even have a clue that a mission of this intensity is being planned out in some other part of the world. Well, Mr Raj Thackeray, you must be a completely relieved person, for the terrorists had flushed out more non Indians (read non Maharashtrians).

This year, India has been a target for large number of terror attacks. But what measures have been taken for a secure future? It was appalling sight to see Mumbai policemen trying to encounter the loaded terrorists with lathis!!! 5 star hotels like Taj and Trident should be having a decent security, but how come these terrorists were able to infiltrate with arms and ammunitions without being caught? They came by boat from Karachi, but how come our Naval radar could not capture it? How are we sure that the entire terrorists behind the attacks have been killed? It’s quite possible that they dressed themselves as hostages and escaped unhurt.

What’s going to be the outcome of this episode? Is it going to be another such incident which will be forgiven, forgotten and wrapped up by so called Mumbai spirit? It’s not only Mumbai, in fact any city or town in India is vulnerable. Can a citizen like you and I move around without fear of unwarranted death?

It’s time for us to awake, arise and make India a place “Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high” as indited by Rabindranath Tagore.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Biggest Mistake Of My Life

I just completed reading the book “the 3 mistakes of my life” by Chetan Bhagat only to realize that I have done the biggest blunder of my life.

The 3 mistakes of my life would be recapitulated as

1) Buying the book
2) Reading it
3) Now, reviewing it

People who have already read and appreciated the book, I salute you. People who have already read and share the same feelings as mine, I sympathize with you. People who are planning to read, my sincere advice is to stay away from it.

To the author of “Five point someone”, I am totally dejected and disappointed reading your last two books.

Mr Agnihotri, are you listening? There is a scope for yet another “Hello”!!! Mr Bhagat, I guess its time for you pen your thoughts for some scrap Bollywood movies.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Vaarnam Aayiram – No Varnam At All !!!

Well, well, well. What should I write about this movie? If K3G was all about loving your parents, this is about loving your dad (in fact an overdose of it). One suggestion to Mr Gautham Vasudev Menon, the movie should have been released on Father’s Day. The director made a film of three hours to convey a vital message of "Smoking is injurious to health" [:-)]

I won't completely write off the movie because there were some moments which simply took my breath away. The director has brought out spanking new ideas of expressing love and I must say they were really eye catching and worth experimenting!!!

It's out and out Surya movie and he has done complete justice to the dual characters of father and son. Among the leading ladies, Simran is outstanding, Sameera looks stunning (she is completely covered up this time [;-)]) and Divya totally out of sync.

It’s worth one time watch. If you are hard core Surya fan, you will never complain. Still wondering why Surya got those 6 packs!!!. If you can reason out, do let me know as well.


Weekends always have been days to be spent with my nephew, my little toddler. But this weekend he was not around, so I decided to devote these two days for friends, fun, frolic and films.

On Saturday, H, M, A & I gave lunch a miss to watch a movie at Inox, Swagath Garuda Mall, Jayanagar. Because of A's perpetual custom of being always on phone, we missed the first 5 minutes of the movie. Anyway, the movie was worth the skip over as well as the penny spent.

On the evening, the ex-lunch gang decided to meet up for dinner. I had moved out from the organization a way back while the others continue to be a part of it. Though we have been in constant touch through mails and mobile, it’s been months, rather years since I had met most of them. The decided venue and time was Ebony on the 13th Floor at Barton Center, M G Road at about 7pm. Blot from the blue was that everyone showed up on time. Time brings a lot of professionalism in people. I must say, if this get together was organized a few years back, nobody would have turned up till half past eight. We had three good hours of ingestion, conversation and discussion before parting ways at 10.30pm.

We decided to meet again when there would be an additional member in the group and that day is not too far away. 22nd November was one of the most satisfying and soul-stirring Saturday that I ever had this year.

Friday, November 21, 2008

To Sir With Love by E.R Braithwaite

It’s a good read and I must say few sections really caught my attention.

“Don’t fall into the habit of bringing work home. It indicates a lack of planning, and you would eventually find yourself stuck indoors every night”.

It hit the nail on the head. I bring work home and find myself stuck indoors most of the times. I am now trying to break that shackle and explore the world outside.

The next appealing snippet is dedicated to all the populace who is or will be teacher.

“Teaching is like having a bank account. You can happily draw on it while it is well supplied with new funds; otherwise you’re in difficulties.

Every teacher should have a fund of ready information on which to draw; he should keep the fund supplied regularly by new experiences, new thoughts and discoveries, by reading and moving around among people from whom he can acquire such things.”

I need to watch the movie, provided I get the CD. Hope it does full justice to the book.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What should I do?

Reclining on my chair, wondering how the day turned out to be. It was just another day when nothing exceptional happened. I had considerable concentration and hence was able to complete lots of pending activities. As I was about close for the day, I got a mail from a friend after a very long time. Felt good, in fact ecstatic. To remember someone during so called hectic schedule is indeed a great gesture. Thank you my friend.

I had used all kind of medium to keep in touch with this particular friend of mine. But the responses from the other end were not consistent and timely.

My faltered ego stops me from replying.

What should I do?

Monday, November 17, 2008

November 14th – Kuch Khatte Kuch Meete Pal

My friend’ birthday falls on November 14th also known as Children’s Day or Chacha Nehru’s birthday. I have been wishing him for the past few years. I did the same thing this time too, but alas my call was never answered. He never returned me a call too. It did irk me big time. The middle class mentality of losing out some cash for returning calls is still persistent among us. Anyway I won’t give up and will continue to do the generous act of remembering and wishing friends/relatives on their birthdays and D-days. On a lighter note, I spoke to another friend of mine to remind him about our common friend’s birthday, he just said “Hey did you realize something? November 14th is exactly nine months after Valentine’s Day!!!”. I couldn’t quite suppress the famed sardonic grin.

This day, I was running down the memory lane and felt quite nostalgic. November 14th was always celebrated with lot of fervor and ebullience during my schooling days. It was the only day when students were allowed to wear dresses of their choice. It was day when students exhibited their talents and were awarded for their excellence in extra curricular activities. All of them used to wait for this Red letter day.

I called up my Chemistry teacher. I was not sure whether she will remember me as it has been more than a decade since I have caught up with her. I wasn’t a bad student, rather a very obedient, disciplined one. I dialed her number and said “Hello ma’am. I am X, do you remember me?”. She said “Of course, how are you? How is your sister doing?”. I was totally taken aback because my sister was two years senior to me. Also, she enquired whether I still have a thin frame or have I gained few pounds.

She was quite ecstatic and excited to speak to an old student. She has taken a brief hiatus from teaching to spend more time with her family. She assured me that next time if she happens to be in Bangalore, she will definitely meet me. I could feel the horripilate, for this was the best Children’s Day I ever had. Thank you Ma’am, you played one of the key roles for what I am and where I am today. The world needs more teachers like you.

In the evening, I headed for home, sweet home to make it more special for my parents - my creators, my greatest pillars of strength.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

All that I want

I want redemption

From monotony
From humdrum life
From being led
From norms and rules

I want freedom

To live life my way
To explore new avenues
To speak my mind
To feel free

I want to feel

The piquant, musky odor of the earth
The thirst of the fiery, devouring fire
The soothing, solacing touch of the air
The sound of the vivacious, illimitable ocean

I want to break

The vicious cycle that I am a part of
Figure out the purpose of my life
And translate them into actions

Am I asking for too much?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Chasing dreams!!!

I am sitting back, sipping a coffee, gawking at my monitor and reading the lines by Paulo Coelho – “Follow your dreams, Transform your life!!!”.

These brought back fond memories of my friend who exactly did what these lines said. I had a long conversation with him some days back. He is quite happy and contented with life.

He gave up his lucrative job to pursue his interest in sound editing. Nowadays his name is seen in almost all the Bollywood films. He took the biggest risk in life and it paid off in the end.

Chasing dreams is not a bad idea at all. Thank you my friend. Your life will be indeed an eye opener for many of us.

For all the dreamers out there, just a suggestion:-
You have two simple choices: Go back to sleep and dream or wake up and chase those dreams!!!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Oops!! He does it again

He calls, he messages, he mails
Takes her for numerous dates
She gets impressed with his heroic tales
Unaware that she is yet another bait

Whenever a decision has to be made
Of what is in store for him and her
He has an uncanny knack to evade
Leaving her clueless and nowhere

His acts and his dillydallies
Are well backed by relatives and allies
They need to recollect the popular say
That every dog has a day

Hey!! the gullible, innocent souls
Remember, its for your own gain
In cyberspace, he is on constant prowl
Beware and be aware before he does it again

Note: The character in this verse is purely fictional. Resemblance to any person living or dead is quite coincidental.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

The ShawShank Redemption

The ShawShank Redemption has been one of my favorite movies. The movie was based on a novel by Stephen King. I have been searching the novel for a while, but all my efforts proved futile. Today luck seems to have favored me. I got a link to the E-book. Thought of sharing the same with all the fellow netizens who got inspired and entertained by this critically acclaimed movie.

Rita Hayworth And The ShawShank Redemption

It’s really worth reading!!!

Unforgivable Sin!!!

Khaled Hosseini in his book "The Kite Runner" mentions theft as the most unforgivable sin. He perfectly penned it as below:-

"When you kill a man, you steal a life. When you tell a lie, you steal someone's right to the truth. When you cheat, you steal the right to fairness. There is no act more wretched than stealing."