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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Encounter with Nadal

She was startled by my sudden embrace
Her eyes, so green, gave a steady gaze
For my touch had left her in a daze
She flipped over, ready for the chase

She wasn’t certain of my intention
She looked for help, for intervention
As she looked at me with great attention
I could sense her coyness and her tension

I stretched my hand for her to sense
She smelled me, gave up her defense
As I caressed her warm and thick fur
She welcomed it with a gentle purr

For she is Nadal, the timid cat
Once she knows you, she is a tiny little brat!

Monday, October 3, 2016

How He Changed My Life!

I was very averse to Bollywood movies while growing up, to such an extent that I didn’t know any of the major stars in the Hindi filmdom. I remember watching my first Bollywood movie “Saajan” in the theater with my sister and her friends.  From the excitement that they showed, I garnered the fact that the lead actress was numero uno.  I was waiting with baited breath for intermission, by the end of the movie, I was yawning.

After my first tryst with Bollywood movies, I decided not to watch any. However, my vow didn’t last long. During the summer vacation in the same year, I was forced to watch “Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander”, as my sister didn’t have any company.  By the end of the movie, I told my sister “The hero is cute, one song is good”.  However, I made my stand clear that I don’t enjoy Bollywood movies.

During the good old Doordarshan days, the TV series aired were of very good quality and content.  It was during those times, a young energetic actor had caught the viewer’s attention. He made appearances in TV series like Fauji, Circus etc. His looks were quite average but there was something about him, his charisma, very magical and magnetic. As an avid viewer of TV, this actor caught my attention. I used to wait for his episodes.

As I was not following any news about movies and its actors, I didn’t know that the same actor has signed his first Bollywood movie.  After my 10th grade examination, I got to watch his movies “Baazigar”, “Darr” and “Deewana” in quick succession.  When he talked, he smiled, he cried, he danced, my heart pounded faster.  For the first time in my life, I started enjoying Bollywood movies. He made it huge in Hindi filmdom and became the reigning “Romantic” hero.

I started following his interviews, his movies.  I was literally stalking him. His pictures adorned my bedroom walls and wardrobes. The computer’s hard drive had a folder full of his pictures and songs from his movies. Anyone could guess what my computers’ wallpaper, screensaver, and Windows login password would be. I started fantasizing about him. For me, he was a paragon, an epitome of perfection.

During my twenties, he ruled my head and heart.  I was so enamored by his quick wit, his gift of the jab and his intellect that I was looking for the same qualities in all the guys who came into my life.  As I entered my thirties, a period of normalcy settled in. His success story being very inspirational, a man with no godfather makes it big due to his tireless passion and insane energy.

There can be one and only one person, erudite and eloquent who keeps entertaining, enticing and exciting me all these years. His name is Shah Rukh Khan.


Sunday, September 11, 2016

Enchanted Encounter!

She had never interacted with him. He was her junior at work. They hardly had communicated outside work. While at work, it had been just exchanging pleasantries. Soon, she left the organization and there was no further communication between him and her.

Meanwhile, he shifted his job, left the country and moved to the US for greener pastures. Little did they know that their paths would cross again! They met at a restaurant.  It was more than a decade since they last met, however, they could easily recognize and remember each other’s name.  They learned that they were neighbors in the US. They exchanged phone numbers and decided to catch up some other time.

They met again. He did all the talking, while she listened to him attentively. She had picturized him in a certain way but he turned out to be totally opposite. Back home, he was quite reserved, but in the new city, new country, he was rediscovering himself. He made new friends and was extremely extroverted. “He is quite garrulous but he is interesting.” she thought.

One fine day, she wanted a break from her routine, mundane life. She texted him asking about his evening plans. He was surprised to see her message but responded back by asking whether she was interested in a Friday night rendezvous. With no further hesitation, she decided to join him. He was taken aback.

 “I have never done it before and never will I. I don’t want to miss this opportunity” she thought. He took her to a pub. He introduced her to all his friends. Everyone had interesting stories about him. His friends were like him, extremely easy going and entertaining.  She hit it off with his friends. He thought “Was she like this all the while? I have seen her being very serious and reserved at the office. She seems to be an enigma”.

Together, they did pub-crawling, enjoying each other’s company, quite oblivious of the surroundings. They held hands and in an inebriated state, danced the night away!

Friday, July 29, 2016

Parting Note

For men may come and men may go,
But I go on forever, so said Tennyson a while back

But some may come and their memories never go
A void feeling not yet sunk in, as you pack! 

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Indecisive Decision

At work, she always looked up to him. He was a bundle of energy and exuberance.  Whenever she goes to his desk, he welcomed her with a smile. She has never seen him losing his cool. She noticed that whenever he was in a tense situation, he took a break, walked on the corridor and returned to his desk. In short, she was in awe of him.

He brought lots of positive changes in her. Whenever she was in a bad situation at work, she did a little bit of self-introspection. She said to herself “If he can do it, so can I”. She wanted her life to be sorted just like his. He was her mentor more than her manager.

One fine day, an opportunity knocked at her door, a change that she wanted to happen. She was confused whether to take it up or remain on the same team. After all, moving teams would mean she can no longer work with him. She was also not sure how to present this information to him. He had been so considerate and accommodating. The new manager had given her a week to respond.  She decided to delay the news to him and continued to work on her projects.

On the third day, during the project review, he told her “I have been working in this organization for last one decade. I have decided to move on and move out”. She was taken by surprise. Never in her imagination had she thought the situation would turn out this way. She told him “I have a bit of news from my side too. I have decided to change team. I was indecisive till now. If you reconsider your decision to quit, I would continue to work in your team”. He smiled and said “Well, I knew about it. I am happy that I was able to help you make a wise decision”. She just nodded in agreement.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Shayaris Once Again

रूपा के है आशिक़ हज़ार
सभ करते है उससे इतना प्यार
मिलने को बहाना ढूँढ़ते है बार बार
अटेंशन के लिए है सभ बेकरार
एक इशारे के लिए इंतज़ार कर रहे है एक दम तैयार

रात को चमकते है एक दम सही
दाग है पर बदसूरत नहीं

कोई भी तुम्हे नज़र न लगाए
कोशिश रहे न किसी तुम्हें अपना बनाए
तुम्हारी खूबसूरती हर तरफ छान जाए
रुकी अफसर में भी फिर से जान आये

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Lone Dancer!

They ask me the same questions
I give them the same answer
They seek out my suggestions
I am the lone dancer!

Little did they know
That I have no clue
Instead they just throw
I don't know what to do!

I seek out for help
I don't see anyone out there
No one responds to my yelp
No one seems to care!

I earn their wrath
For no fault of mine
Unaware of the aftermath
For the prolonged whine!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Smoking Camel, Feeling Deserted

Sigh! A camel ride
Is exhausting, tiresome
When not in desert

A brand, a habit
He ended up kicking others'
As he did not kick the butt

PS: Haiku poems on Apache Camel