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Friday, May 28, 2010

Books by Anita Nair

A lady traveling in "Ladies coupe" from Bangalore to Kanyakumari, gets to hear about the lives of her co-passengers. Their "Lessons in forgetting" cognizes her real purpose of life to such an extent that she does not shy away from trying "Satyr of the subway"!

Well, that’s Anita Nair! Her stories are complex and contemporary centered around women of all ages, concentrating hard on the trials and tribulations they encounter during the span of their lives.

After reading her novels, various thoughts clog my mind:-Are most women nymphomaniac? Do they always want to be desired and drooled over? Do they feel lonely and lifeless even in their marriage? Or are these just the fits of imagination of the author?

Any thoughts?

Monday, May 17, 2010


Words can express love in a new fashion
Can silence give the same passion?

Words can create a huge furor
Can unspoken words make similar roar?

Words can sound demeaning
Can silence convey a different meaning?

Words can lead to extreme adversity
Can unspoken words allure with its brevity?

Words can be at times, comforting and healing
Can silence handle situations with equal feeling?

Words when best spoken or unspoken
Are the human race’s virtuous token!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ou(s)t of Contention!

The chosen, finest fifteen
Is all set to come back
As the weakest, ever seen
Low in attitude and in knack

Little did they fathom short ball
Would ruin their world cup hope
For instead of tackling it and standing tall
Played meek and weak, unable to cope

Batting was attributed as their forte
Little did the batsmen play and portray
At many times, even after winning the toss
Bowling first was what their captain chose

Not winning a single match in the super eight
Captain is left with no more excuses or no one to blame
For the team hardly gave a sturdy, spirited fight
Once upon the time, they were the champions of the game!