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Thursday, June 25, 2015

A Note

Same day, another year! This year I wasn’t beside her to wish her in person and time zones didn’t help either. Every year, I make it a point to wish her at sharp 12pm on her big day. I was thinking for a while what I need to gift her. She has it all, materialistic gifts doesn’t really matter to her. What matters to  her is giving her some attention, some care. I kept thinking, but nothing really crossed my mind.  This chapter is completely dedicated to her.  

She is my friend, philosopher and guide. I know I can call her anytime and talk my heart out. She wouldn’t judge me, she is always on my side, and she supports me unconditionally. She has been at the receiving end of my wraths and my mood swings, yet she never showed her despite or desperation. Sometimes, I wonder how she is able to play the role so beautifully. I have never seen her complain about anything. She is quite happy in whatever state she is in. I questioned her umpteen times whether her satisfaction is façade to her laziness, but each time her arguments left me stumped.

Our relationship wasn’t great in the beginning, we fought for silliest of reasons, but as they say, it’s the distance that makes the heart grow fonder.  I realized her worth when she left for another place to pursue her higher education. I missed her like hell, I cried my heart out.  We stayed together during the early phase of my career till she decided to take the next plunge in her life, the holy bliss of matrimony. I knew I will have another competition, vying for her attention. I outgrew that fear because she remained the same, her motherly instincts protecting me and guiding me in the right direction.

We don’t have anything is common, we share a different outlook towards life and we always wonder how we are still together. May be it’s the genes. As the saying goes “Blood is always thicker than water”.  No matter how many friends I had, have and will have, it’s always she, whom I will go back to when I  am troubled or need a shoulder to cry on. In fact, I am quite thankful to God for the very fact that I have two mothers in my life, one from the older generation, my real mother and the other from my generation, my sister.  

D, I always look up to you. You are my guiding force.  Now that an extra candle is on the cake, I wish you happiness and good health.                

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Slice of Life!

You run, you juggle, and you forget to live
Chasing umpteen dreams, wanting to believe
That happiness lies in fortune, the great fillip
Living life on the edge, giving health a skip
And as years add to your weary life
You question your meaningless strife
You realize, “I live as long as I breathe, 
Soon I shall be covered with wreath!
No memories, no moments, only painful glances
Of life’s purposeless acts and  wasted chances!”

Thursday, June 11, 2015

AD, This is for YOU!

There was a strange ice storm in Michigan and my friend AD took this photograph and submitted the same to a newspaper. It was selected for print with the title as "photo taken by Ann Arbor resident AD" However AD didn’t find it online nor does she have the printed copy. Here is the photograph that was published.

Her photo inspired me to write few lines as below

A day when city came to a sudden halt
The inhabitants taken back by the unexpected jolt
When the nature wrapped its fury in disguise
Covering the streets with sheen of ice!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Three Forms!

I live a life of water, colorless and odorless
With emotions solidified like the ice
To just melt when surrounded by close ones
The angst is me sometimes emanate like a hot steam
Eventually hurting people on the way!

I take in the dirt and the filth
I project your hazed reflections
But you can never judge my depth
Unless you step into my world and stay!

I create few ripples when stirred
To quickly settle to my calm composure
If you have me in your journey called life
I will surely rub off my presence in you!