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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

In Lost World

I had a long discussion with my friend today. He asked me - What’s your future plan? And that became the basis for this blog.

So far my life has been good. Loving family, good friends and a pretty decent job. I did have my share of testing times, but took it to my stride and went along with the tide.

What I have learnt all these years? Hmm ... I have learnt that failures are successes are two sides of the same coin (philosophy ;-)). If success is ice candy sweet, failure can be extremely bitter. One should learn from both and never jitter. I surprised myself with the amount of patience and concentration that I chip in all my tasks whether personal or professional. I am a perfectionist to the core. I believe that whether it’s your assignment or your relationships, you need to be 100% committed.

I do have some shortcomings as a leader. What are those? I should start believing my subordinates. I should be receptive, attentive and more communicative. I need to work on my negatives and be a leader who really leads from the front ;-)

Now my personal life – Where is it heading? I did have some crushes and heartbreaks. I feel it’s a part of growing up ;-) I have been alone for a while now, but I have never felt a necessity to have a partner. People around me keeps wondering and pondering. My well-wishers feel that I need to settle down, but why? The answer is you can be all alone but during old age you may need somebody to look after you. But what’s the guarantee? Its still remain an open question.

Now, answering my friend – I have no idea what’s going to happen to me in next one hour, what can I say about next few years? I am going through a gamut of mentations … Am I supposed to plan ahead and make things work the way I want it to or should I move with time? All I know if I have miles to go before I sleep.


nutcracker said...

You may choose to settle down in life or be the butterfly (like a true Aquarian!), work hard at trying to overcome your short comings, spend a thousand years pondering over the past, immerse yourself in the hundred of daily chores....all I have to say is - don't let that spark that you have die!!!

Ku Klutz Klan said...

nice one... One thing i can say - after reading through that post, i won't call you a perfectionist. :)

Well, you can choose to be alone, but believe me, after sometime, it never becomes a choice.