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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Two Gals And A Guy

This V’day, they decided to travel a bit far
To meet their zahir, their twinkling star
He is the new man in their lives
Against any odds, their love for him survives

He welcomed them with a killer smile
They fell for his elan and distinctive style
Hugs, kisses and unbound love were showered
An unrequited affection, care budded and flowered

He is the apple in their eyes at a very tender age
They promised to be with him at each and every stage
He is lucky, there are two vying for his attention
He knows them as his doting mother and his sole maternal aunt


Ashutosh Didwania said...

I knew this...

ceedy said...

Well he is lucky to have two great valentines so early in life...arent we all :)

whoami said...


He is born lucky :)

Potter said...

The same idea that you and your sister had posted earlier, about the new 'man' in your lives. But very nicely put this time with good poetry.
Old wine in a new bottle.

whoami said...