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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Small Snippet from my Daily Diary!

I have never waited for anybody in my life like the way I waited for him today. I made a few frantic calls which were unanswered. I don’t understand why people sometimes utilize their “mobile” phones like their landline counterparts, defeating the purpose of being available all the time!

I asked few of his friends whether he would turn up, they said “Not quite sure, he had stayed back late in the office yesterday.” I had to meet him today else I would have to live in the mercy of others! By noon, a silhouette near my cubicle signaled his arrival. My joy grew no bounds!

I turned back and said “Dude, I have been quite paralyzed since yesterday night. I have been waiting for you!”

He said “Lady! Don’t you trust me so much? I am not going to run away with it. Here is your purse. In fact I saw it lying near your office phone and ensured that it is safely returned!”


Allen Paul Joseph said...

Hey, Nicely written ...

whoami said...

Thanks a lot!