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Friday, February 5, 2010

Have You Ever?

Today, I am supposed to be headier by a year, but thoughts completely seem to soak up my mind.

Have you ever got into a situation where you feel you are in midst of problems and then you come across people having much bigger ones?

Have you ever felt that in most cases, smiles cover up deep distresses?

Have you ever found it tough to demarcate between the good and the bad?

Have you ever seen a passion of yesterday turning as a pleasure for today and as a pain for tomorrow?

Have you ever been in a scenario where your action appeased a set of audience while it wholly displeased the other set?

Have you ever experienced, though you are shrouded by your friends you feel lonesome inside?

Have you ever thought that wealth could solve all your worries but it proved to be otherwise?

Can you help me out in seeking the scintillating stars enshrouded by the murkier clouds?


Anonymous said...


whoami said...

Do you have answers to my questions :(

Supportive Blogger said...

My answers to your questions:
1. Yes, often. The nature of life is often to feel in the midst of problems, and there will always be people with 'bigger' ones. I moved on much further when I started accepting my problems were valid too.

2. I have felt that, but I think what you see reflects what you feel, and I felt that more when I was down. Now that I feel content, I see more genuine smiles and am realising the potential for true happiness.

3. Yes, and I have come to conclude that there is no such thing - only what feels good or bad.

4. Yes. I have my own business...which went from passion, to 'OK, this is fun' to 'do I have to?'.

5. It's a cliche but you really can't please everyone - pleasing yourself is really the only way to happiness.

6. Yes, totally. When you have a void, you have a lot more to work through, and friends can ease the burden, but only you can fill the void. Check out my blog if you're feeling lonesome - you're not alone.

7. I'm still waiting for it to prove otherwise as wealth is the one thing I still lack in my otherwise happy life. But I have a feeling it's not the answer. I think happiness then wealth = super happiness, and the freedom to exist to your full potential, but wealth to get happiness is not ever going to work, unless used for things to help your soul recover.

8. I would say, look for the beauty in the clouds, and they will clear in due course. We can only appreciate where we are in the here and now, and sometimes that means accepting as much beauty as you are able to, bearing in mind that one day, you may see more.

whoami said...

@Supportive Blogger
Thanks a lot.