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Monday, May 17, 2010


Words can express love in a new fashion
Can silence give the same passion?

Words can create a huge furor
Can unspoken words make similar roar?

Words can sound demeaning
Can silence convey a different meaning?

Words can lead to extreme adversity
Can unspoken words allure with its brevity?

Words can be at times, comforting and healing
Can silence handle situations with equal feeling?

Words when best spoken or unspoken
Are the human race’s virtuous token!


വാല്‍നക്ഷത്രം said...

Just that 'Wow!'...

Look87 said...

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whoami said...


Thanks for visiting!

Anonymous said...

still, it's only words
and words are all u need...

whoami said...

Words are the most powerful!

Mythili said...

Speech needs company, Silence needs solitude.
Speech wants to conquer others, Silence helps conquer oneself.
Speech makes friends or foes, Silence befriends all.
Speech demands respect, Silence commands it.
Speech is earth-bound, Silence is heaven-bound.
Speech educates, Silence exalts.
Speech is subjective, Silence is objective.
Speech has regrets, Silence has none.
Speech has limitations, Silence is boundless.
Speech needs effort, Silence a lot more.
Speech is human, Silence is Divine.
While speaking you are heard by creatures, In silence you hear the creator.
Silence leads to stillness of the mind,
Then to introspection,
Then to self-cleansing,
Finally to liberation.

whoami said...

Good one!