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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Pack of Lies by Urmila Deshpande

Latest book that has joined my shelf is "A Pack of Lies by Urmila Deshpande". The book has nearly 300 odd pages which should have ideally taken max of 3 days to complete but instead took nearly 3 weeks. The question is, why so? The answer is simple – A Pack of Lies is nothing but a bundle of balderdash!

The book is written in first person and highlights a journey of a girl who yearns for her mother’s attention. She wins it eventually when she becomes heavy with a fatherless child.

There is an overdose of sex, smoke and booze, and if coming of age is all about these activities, I rather not grow up! There is not a single instance in the book that caught my attention.

Ms Deshpande, truth is bitter, no wonder you came up with a pack of lies! I would be lying if I suggest A Pack of Lies as a good read to other fellow readers.

Do you want to enjoy true lies?


കവിത - kavitha said...

Alcohol(in limited levels) is part of their life and culture in many cold countries. And sex is part of growing up, and teenagers really feel the peer pressure in doing it for first time as a rite of passage. Well that is why we have lots of movies where you can see teenagers pressurized to lose virginity as soon as they graduate from school. i don't have the same opinion for smoking. It is a real bad thing, and unhealthy..

Well you told about the excess of all these.. Agree with that..

haven't read this book..

whoami said...

@കവിത - kavitha
Better not read it!

Anonymous said...

Good brief and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you seeking your information.


The book will be read only because the writer happens to be the daughter of late Gouri Deshpande,a very respected writer in Marathi.Though it is a novel it will be read as an autobiography and there is every possiblity of it being a minor best seller

Anonymous said...

The lady has been a liar all her life and this book title is very appropriate about her and her life.

What else you expect from an illiterate person!

vireshwar said...

regards mrs urmila deshpandey,after reading your book i want to cosult you regarding a research work under me on the poetry of mrs.gauri deshpandey(english).Prof.K.V.Sinha,J.P.University.Chapra,Bihar.