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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Binding Laws!

When I was born, I started to cry
I followed the laws of birth!

When I turned one, I started to walk
I followed the laws of growth!

When I turned three, I started school
I followed the laws of learning!

When I turned twenty one, I started working
I followed the laws of earning!

All the while, I led a life of discipline
I followed the laws of society!

Appeasing others, not at peace with myself
I gained no friends, just avoided animosity!

I wonder
Was the rule not meant to broken?
Was the extreme obedience worth it?
For I have lost the real me!


Thoda Sa said...

The very fact that these so-called rules are created and enforced by human beings tend to make them 'breakable'. Rules are important while growing up, makes a child not stray. Once we attain maturity, it's up to us to make our own rules. Easier said than done. The issue arises when we make some decisions based on social rules and regret those decisions when maturity hits. It's the story of a good proportion of Indians (both guys and gals). The current generation, following the west to an extent, don't end up making those mistakes, but that's got it's own problems. Some people are 'lucky' enough to be in a position to enforce a change when realization dawns, some aren't. I believe you fall in the former category - so, give it a serious thought - and do it. It's by no means an easy decision, but start off with small steps. That's what experts (not me) say - 'Baby steps'.

whoami said...

@Thoda Sa
Have you ever tried breaking the rules?

വാല്‍നക്ഷത്രം said...

Nice one..
But the enjoyment that you can derive by breaking the laws comes at a cost.
1. You feel guilty for doing what you did.(But dont worry,the voice of your conscience is so faint that u can pretend not to hear ;))

2.The chaos you create both for you and for others by law breaking.How much pain and worries your loved ones have to suffer?

3.Is that joy really a joy?
Just a pleasure for a few moments that you have and then forget.

Having said everything,I do agree with you that you must break a few laws every now and then, for a few good friends.Cos that makes memories.And memories make life worth living.


Thoda Sa said...

I, unfortunately, belong in the latter category. But that doesn't mean I have given up. I haven't, and I will not.

whoami said...

Everything comes with a cost. Also, how do we know it’s a rule unless you break it :)

@Thoda Sa
I like your spirit!

Anonymous said...

Rules are meant to be broken :). And when broken, its the one who decides break the rule with no remorse.
Congrats on breaking the rules.

whoami said...

I haven’t broken any rules, need immense guts to do so :)

Glimpses said...

I loved it Bindya...very well written..i like what u write

KbHbEjTi said...


First of all I like the thought. (Forget debating on the topic)

Good one again. :)