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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Dazzle, Droop & Die

Am I the flower?
The flower that bloomed, but never devoured
Am I the fruit?
The fruit that was plucked, but never savored

Now that I have wilted, I shall fall down
Now that I have rotten, I shall be thrown
The fragrance spread, shall never be talked about
The essence extracted, shall never be hashed out

Soon, I shall amalgamate with earth
With ripened skin and withered petals, I wait for my next birth!


Thoda Sa said...

Interesting. It goes back to individual beliefs. Personally, I believe that one's purpose on earth isn't defined by our own self, but has already been defined by a higher power. What we do is just a means (as in 'nimittham') towards this higher purpose. So, being a flower meant to be plucked or being the fruit meant to be consumed wasn't the destiny here. The destiny probably was to provide nutrition once it was 'amalgamated with earth'. Moral of the story - don't think too much, do what makes you contented. Rest is not upto us.

whoami said...

@Thoda Sa
Need to figure out, I believe that fate is in our hands :)

വാല്‍നക്ഷത്രം said...

Simply loved it!!!

വാല്‍നക്ഷത്രം said...

But the irony is,If u think the fate is in ur hands,why should u believe in rebirth at all?

Thoda Sa said...

Interesting - the part about 'fate being in your hands'. I do see folks stating that 'your destiny is in your hands' or 'you decide your own fate'. If you do believe in a higher power, this statement doesn't make sense. It sounds all right coming from an atheist. It depends on individual perspective/opinion. If fate was indeed in the hands of each individual, that would mean a lot of unsuccessful (and unfulfilled) lives. But again, I repeat - it's individual opinion. We believe what comforts us.

whoami said...

@വാല്‍നക്ഷത്രം, @Thoda SA
Thanks a lot

The poem reflects the quest for the purpose of my existence, like the flower and the fruit which have spread joy and happiness. But the only reality in life in death which can embrace you at any time so be prepared for it.I don’t believe in reincarnation, but in this scenario, the flower / fruit is hoping is that maybe they can find the purpose in next birth. This line is basically taken from the concept of Hinduism of soul never being dead!