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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Wake Up Call

My day usually starts with Dad waking me up. He always have two questions to ask -  Did you have tea? What is there for breakfast? As of matter of fact, it is quite clear to him that I will definitely have something, but that doesn’t deter him from asking the same questions every other day. I can’t imagine a day when he stops asking me these questions. It has become a habit.

So today, like any other day, Dad woke me up. He starts with the usual questions and then tells me that he has some good news to share.  Early morning and good news,  I wondered. He told me that our driver’s daughter, who is currently pursuing her MBA, got a job. She has a good offer which includes a competent salary and a free accommodation.  It was indeed good news. I felt genuinely happy.

I always appreciated the driver for believing in his daughter and giving her right kind of education and support. He never differentiated between his daughter and son, normal behavioral pattern see in lower income group. Long back, I had met his daughter and had a healthy conversation with her.  What I really appreciate about her, is her will power and her clarity of thoughts.  I am pretty sure with that kind of attitude she is going to go places.

Speaking about habit, have you ever experienced relationship becoming a habit? And what happens when it go awry? Should it be rectified or left unattended? I know not! Everyone around me says time is the healer. But what time frames are being discussed here? In this era of multiple ways of communication, people are hesitant to pick up a damn phone and talk. Sometimes a call is all that is needed to heal the growing tensions. It gives you a perspective of others’ thoughts.  As a matter of fact, everyone is right in their own way.

Talking about perspective, the greatest asset of human being is their mind. In a fraction of second, lots of thoughts are getting processed. Mind leaves you in a dilemma about how to react, how to act etc. If you can control your mind, you have indeed attained Nirvana. It’s all about how good you can control the mind and reacts to situations in a favorable manner, I would rather say a win-win situation.

The new day has begun. I plan to doze off now, anticipating the wake up call…


sheena said...

Time is indeed the greatest healer but that term does not make any sense to the person at the 'hearing' end. That's where faith comes in,faith in the person caring for you enough to say it to you and faith in the rhythm of time. The story of the girl with dreams to look ahead with a positive outlook was truly inspiring.

sheena said...
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whoami said...

Sheena, Healing is not appealing! I lack patience, Period!