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Friday, February 1, 2008

The K factor

I have been with this organization for the last 1 year. I got a chance to work with some exciting and intriguing souls. Among them, one person's unparallel dedication and diligence actuated me the most. The K factor that changed my beliefs, my judgements.

Each moment spent with K was an eye opener for me. Being from a development background, I was always prejudiced that testing was an additional overhead.

K flummoxed me with her incisive ability to decipher glitches in the developed code. During discussions, she always came up with intricate details about the features being developed.

In the last 1 year, my view about testing took a dramatic 180 degree turn. I am now completely convinced by the fact that without getting the complete buying from the testing team, no product should ever reach the customer.

31st January was K's last working day in the organization. She has moving on to a new phase in her life.

K ...
Its heartrending, now that you have gone away,
But I have some respite when I am realize you are just a call away ...

Thanks ... you have indeed an invaluable place in my life.

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