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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Yet Again ...

Gosh!! I am yet again down and under
For I have committed yet another blunder
I repetitively playing a futile game
It’s my inanity, I am all to blame

I keep fretting about my miserable plight
Bawling over it day and night
The spider of thoughts entangles me
It clutches me hard and never let me free

I was never inclined to listen or to reason
Though each instance had a clandestine lesson
Now, its time to listen to my inner voice
Make the right move, the right choice

PS: For a change, this time around I am not the victim


Potter said...

Hmm... the poem is well written, but feels like a Da-Vinci puzzle. Only those who know the story behind will understand :) Interesting.

Anonymous said...

It's a poem anyone can apply in their lives. :) But what if the inner voice is wrong again? Wouldn't that be a headache!

whoami said...

Life is a puzzle, keep solving it :)

Trust your instincts, most times they are right ;)