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Friday, July 17, 2009

Revisiting the learnt lessons

Incidents in the last few weeks reiterated the importance of effective and eloquent communication. The essential ingredients for a communication process are consistency and clarity. When one need to let another person know what’s there in one’s heart, its better to speak out than using any mediator. In most scenarios, the mediator misconstrues leading to unwarranted misunderstandings, commencement of a life long altercation.

Incidents brought to surface unceasing, unsolved issue termed as “Generation Gap”. My cousin had made a statement earlier “You might feel that you have been blessed with the best family, but you should remember there is a gap of one generation between them and us”. Generation gap and communication are tightly coupled, in fact communication is the only way to bridge the gap between two generations.

Incidents also brought out the value and worth of trust. A popular saying goes “If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything”. Trust is like a glass, once it’s broken, no matter how many ever adhesives are used, it can not be mended.

Speak your mind, tell the truth, you may not be able to please all, but you are at peace with yourself.

Do you differ?


Anonymous said...

I agree with speaking the truth. It's a relief to the conscience. But I don't think that trust once broken cannot be mended, may be because I trust easily.

Anonymous said...

Kadalu kada kandu.....
Kada kadaline kandu.....
Kadalu kadayile kadala kandu.....


whoami said...

I agree with you on trust, but I am unlike you when it comes to trusting somebody.

Nice try. I don't like tongue twisters!