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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Abort a Detained Flu!

I fail to understand the life of a celebrity. Whatever they do, whatever they say, whatever they see, whatever they touch draw a lot of attention from media and common man alike - being discussed in newspapers, in television shows, in office cubicles, company’s board rooms!!

Mr Senior Bachchan had blogged about his Bahu Rani being bedridden with flu like symptoms. Hoards of people are dying of Swine Flu but media got a new topic to debate - Whether one Ms Rai , rather Mrs Junior Bachchan was suffering from Swine Flu? On the very next day, Mr Senior blogs and blames media for being too meddlesome and misquoting his words! Well, Mr Bachchan, why do you ever blog about your family, if you want too have a “perfect” “personal” life!

One Mr Badshah Khan was detained at an US airport for nearly two hours. Media got a new tale, a new thrill and they discussed about it with much hype and hoopla. Mr Badshah became their cynosure! They came up with an irrational, irrelevant “tit for tat” treatment for Americans when they come down to India for ill treating their favorite superstar! Mr. Badshah even quoted that his religion was one of the reasons for the extensive, extended interrogation. Well, Mr Khan, you are just another commoner and not superstar when it comes to security checks at airports! Remember, even Dr Kalam was not spared! Hope you have not forgotten to apply your tanda tanda cool “tel”!

Mr Perfectionist Khan doesn’t seem to be too perfect when it comes to blogging. Mr Perfectionist blogged about his wifey’s abortion. Media sensationalized it further by mentioning how Mr Perfectionist lost out in being a father, the third time. Well, Mr Khan, you wanted to let your fans know that you are taking a "break" from blogging but you ended up depressing them instead!

Some celebrities does not know to play their cards right - Mr Ahuja, What happened to your case? Are you guilty or being wrongly framed? Well, Mr Ahuja, its time to take lessons from some one named Ms Sawant, oops future Mrs Parujanwala!


Thoda Sa said...

It's a valid concern, some folks are concerned about celebrities, some are obsessed and some don't care. It's part of human nature. Expecting everyone to be similar in nature is going against the laws of nature. India is a true
melting pot and we should remain so. We can't expect and don't need everyone to smart and reasonable. We can't expect and don't want everyone to think logically. Our country will lose it's sheen. And the fact is SRK, AB and AK are very well aware of the general mindset of people. Amitabh mentioning his bahu has flu like symptoms is probably publicity. SRK being detained at security - I agree, it's a bit racist. I am not world traveller but I, as a very normal person, have never been detained for more than 5 minutes. SRK, on the other hand, is a celebrity and known world wide. It's not that he is above the immigration rules but come on - if he says he's a huge star and if one of those immigration officials googles 'Shahrukh Khan', one look at the web pages displayed should quell his fears that SRK was a terrorist. And Aamir Khan - oh well, uski marzi hai yaar - kuch bhi karne do. Mr. Ahuja - now, that's someone I feel bad for, if he's frame i.e. Let's see what comes out of his case - with his standing (financially), I wouldn't be surprised if he comes out clean even if he was guilty. So, let the celebrities have their life too - they need publicity, they need their names in the news else - 'it's out of sight, out of mind'.

whoami said...

@Thoda Sa
Your are right. They need to be always in the limelight!

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