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Friday, August 21, 2009

Bad Dangerous Thriller

Yesterday, on VH1, King of Pop “Michael Jackson” songs was played back to back, a kind of tribute to him. It took me down memory lane.

During late 80s, my uncle had got the videos of Michael Jackson, Abba, BeeGees, BoneyM etc. I remember watching them with my cousin S on good old VCR. S, who was much younger to me tried to emulate MJs’ terrific dance moves and magnificent moon walks. Those days were indeed the best days of my life!


I have grown up listening to you. You are peerless! A prodigy! Sad but true - We realize the value and worth of a person only when he/she dies. Quoting the lyrics of your song – “All I need to say is that they don't (read nobody) really care about us (read you)!!”

You have died but you continue to live through your music and moon walk. I don’t mind watching you groove to Billie Jean over and over again!

Thanks for entertaining us. May your soul rest in peace!

Just Another Fan


Thoda Sa said...

There is nothing more to be said abt him - he was and will remain the best, at least for his fans.

whoami said...

@Thoda Sa
There is no doubt about that.