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Friday, September 11, 2009

Falling in to Fallen out?

Love is thought to be unconditional
Only to discover that it’s ruled by conditions!

Love is believed to be blind
Does it imply to seal the eyes and move ahead?

Love is supposed to be true and pure
Is pain and ache all that it has to offer?

It takes real time and effort to fall in love
And a single moment to fall out!


Potter said...

Just a few humble thoughts here..

* Yes, we should trust our instincts, trust nature, close our eyes, and move ahead.

* Somewhere down the line, we'll find that all those pains and aches can be traced to our egos, and not to love.

* It doesn't need efforts at all; we've to go where love takes us. It will take its own course; we've to accept what it gives without judgement.

whoami said...

Thanks. You are absolutely right!