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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Kochiyude Kochu Kathakal (Short anecdotes of Kochi)

My sister forwarded an email from her school yahoo groups which described about how Kochi has evolved, the city where I had spent twenty years of my life. I had been to Kochi two years back and almost lost the way to my college. Four lanes, tall buildings, shopping malls, Mc Donalds, KFCs, Pizza Corners have almost conquered Kochi. One thing has not changed at all – traffic jam just before the North Bridge!

Earlier, every second Saturday we used to travel to Kochi – I can even recollect the names of the red colored private buses which used to take us there (Ambily, Ansamol) , watching movies at one of the theatres - Savitha/Saritha/Sangeetha complex / Padma / Shenoy / Sridhar, eating out at one of these restaurants - Ceylon Bake House / Dwarka / Woodlands / Bharath Tourist Home, shopping at Jayalakshmi / Seematti / Parthas, prominent areas - M G Road / Kacheripadi / Padma Junction / Marine Drive / Broadway …

During those days, girls if seen in Jeans and Skirts had to face wide stares and obscure comments. Eve teasing and pick pocketing were always on a higher scale. Can you imagine - I had given elucidations to neighbors for my late comings! The city was always ahead of its times but its inmates were always dogmatic and bigoted. May be it explains why my parents didn’t stay back in Kochi after retirement.

“Nothing is permanent but change” – Globalization should do well for the city which gave me sound education, illustrious teachers, good friends, variegated experiences of love, of camaraderie, of tiffs, of treacheries...lifelong moments to cherish and relish!

Queen of Arabian Sea, I'm coming!


കവിത - kavitha said...

hmm..that will be interesting.. kochi has changed a lot in last few years. never imagined that the flat culture will pick up so much in kochi

whoami said...

Looks like Kochi has become hot and happening!

morpheus said...

The major problem plauging not only cochin but kerala is the roving eye problem amongst malayalees....which extends to commenting on the person...the same malayalees keep their mouth shut in the Gulf which otherwise would land them in jail and subsequent deportation...Dunno how to cure majority of keralite males on this disease????

whoami said...

Rightly said!

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