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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Why Me?

A beggar wails “God! Why me? Out of the many!
Today I haven’t made a penny!”

A wife worries “God! Why me? Have been his support and stability!
Yet everyday he questions about my credibility!”

A student fears “God! Why me? Have put my heart and soul!
If I fail again, things will go out of my control!”

An entrepreneur mutters “God! Why me? Have been sincere and true!
However every quarter I don’t get a proper due!”

A salaried employer moans “God! Why me? Have really sweated it out!
Still I was given an unceremonious way out!”

God listens to all cribs and smiles
He says “I am processing your files!
Try to look within you for the answer meanwhile!"


Anonymous said...

Totally agree - life might not seem fair but fortunately or unfortunately, it is. If you read up on Arthur Ashe's 'why me' story, you will understand. The gist is that a reporter once asked him about contracting the HIV - "Have you ever thought - why me"? And Mr. Ashe replied - "Out of the millions who are born in the world, only a select few get to play tennis, out of that only a select few get to play professional tennis, and out of that only a few get to play the grand slam and only a handful get to win the Wimbledon. I never asked God - 'why me' when all that happened to me, how can I ask that now?"
The moment we realize that life is fair - we start seeing life in a new light.

whoami said...

I totally agree with you.
Thanks for stopping by.

Potter said...

How true! Life is always fair. But we concentrate all the time on what we don't have. What we have, is not even noticed - leave alone being appreciated. That's why we get all those unwanted experiences. Start 'feeling' happy with what you have and see how happiness multiplies.

whoami said...

We tend to find grasses being greener on the other side and we are never happy!!

Scribbler said...

Life's good when Why me? turns into Try me!

Read it somewhere

Hope does not disappoint

keep it rollin;)

whoami said...

It’s easier said than done. Hope is what keeps us pushing and pursuing!

Anonymous said...

the ending is amazing!

whoami said...

Thanks a lot!