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Friday, October 16, 2009


My conscience is clear
Yet, whom do I fear?

Striving to be a righteous offspring
I missed out on life’s zest, zeal and zing

Love knocked at my door in various forms
But I gave in for the social customs and norms

Never have I consciously adopted unscrupulous trails
Yet, my life had less bliss and more disgruntled tales

Currently, I stand in the crossroad
Unclear, undecided on which path to board


Anonymous said...

That you didn't get, wasn't worth.
That you don't deserve, you don't get.

This is the law of life, and it works for every life form on the planet. You believe in God, how come you have this doubt?

whoami said...

That first line sounds like "Grapes are sour". And for the second line, I agree with you. But one thing is certain - If you desire something, you need work hard to make it happen!

Scribbler said...

There's a BIG divide between the Conformist and the Extremist.
And all it takes to cross that is a leap of faith.
Impressive blog. Insightful.

keep it rollin;)

whoami said...

Thanks you. Keep visiting!

Jishnu A said...

Life is not about the past
but what you learn from it

Never lose heart in things of past
For future is never written by historians :)

whoami said...

Wonderful thoughts!