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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Iss Craziness Ko Kya Naam Doon!

I tend to stay away from daily soaps which are aired on various channels. It had been my conscious decision as I feel it is a real waste of time because it always features implausible plots, unrealistic characters, unbelievable settings and what not!

But, during the latter part of 2011, while browsing through the various channels, one show caught my attention, and have been seriously hooked on it since then. Now what made me addicted to this particular show? Is it the flawed characters, the story line, chemistry between the lead pairs or the tag line? Must say, combination of everything, the story showcasing love & hate in the right dosage, hero on the lines of Mr Heathcliff & Mr Darcy, heroine who endures all the pain, retaining her will power & smiles even during extreme strain.

The plot had its shares of up and downs, may be due to the fact that the script writer cannot maintain the awesomeness in each and every episode, but there are enough symbolisms left in each and every episode for the audience to dissect and decipher. The chemistry between the lead pairs has been the talk of the town, being even compared to the big onscreen couples of the silver screen. With awards, appreciation, accolades coming in huge numbers, the show will continue to engross, enthrall and entertain the audience, who waits with bated breath to tune on to Star Plus at 8pm, every week day!


Thoda Sa Paagal said...

Not even worthy of a comment - not the write up, the subject. We all 'know' the reason behind this addiction. The reason is the same one that made me watch 'Aa ab laut chalein', 'Aur Pyaar ho gaya' and 'Jeans' - crazy and blind admiration towards a certain actor. Drop the actor and your interest in the soap nose-dives. Arnav Raichand Subedar or whatever his name is - that's the culprit.

whoami said...

@Thoda Sa Paagal
Never knew that you watch the soap too, you seem to know the character name of the lead too: P