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Monday, August 17, 2015

Broken Promises!

She met him when she was going through the worst phase in her life. He was a welcome change for her. His carefree attitude, undying spirit and above all his humorous side caught her attention.  He had numerous liaisons in the past, but he felt “There is really something about her that I haven’t seen in others”.

They met more often and the mutual attraction slowly turned into a relationship of care and commitment. The day, he decided to propose to her, she opened to him about her past including her broken marriage and her struggle of being a single parent. That didn’t deter him, his respect for her fortified.  He told her “I am not worried about your past; I see my present and future with you. I want to live every moment with you and be a doting father for your child!” He had healed her past wounds and she decides to eventually follow her instincts.

Back home, she hashes out with her parents. Like any other conservative Indian, her mother opposes to the entire concept of live-in. “What will society think? Don’t you know how it can affect your child?” her mother asked.  She doesn’t give up; she could see that her mother is heartbroken, but she adheres to her decision.  Eventually, her father agrees, more to overcome his guilt of marrying off his daughter at a young age and that too to a wrong person. He thought “I have done enough damage to my daughter, now that she wants to move on, why not allow her to!”

He moved in with her and her child.  She liked his protectiveness and possessives and his bond with her child. She was making his life very easy; he needn’t have to worry about any trivial things. But as wise men say “Happiness never last long”. He had never communicated about his living arrangement to his parents. He knew that his parents would never accept it.  That became their first bone of contention.  Initially his explanations were enough to soothe her but eventually, she saw them as his excuses. 

The fights were endless and they decide to part. He moved out, he kept himself busy. She tries hard to forget him but distance makes hearts grow fonder. Within few weeks, they decide to give their relationship one more fair chance. He informs his parents about her. All mayhem broke loose. They gave an ultimatum to him to break all his ties with her.  He thought “That’s the most difficult decision to take. I will need to manage it somehow.”  He opens to her on his parents’ demand.  She says “If it’s a matter of choosing between me and them, we can break up.” He assures her “I need you. Slowly but steadily my parents will give in.”

Days pass, weeks pass, months pass. His parents never accept her. Meanwhile, the whispers start to get louder and louder.  Her neighbors are curious; her parents are anxious and her child was growing up. “What is the next step in this relationship?” she asked him. He said “I want to marry you but with the consent of my parents. I don’t know how long it will take.” She said “How long should I wait? I would have been happy with the current arrangement but for my child.” He said “I don’t know. Why are you bringing the child in between all these?” 

The fights became the order of the day. One day, he said “If you can’t wait, there is no point in continuing this relationship. I can’t make my parents unhappy as I am their only son.”  Teary eyed, she mumbled “What about those years I have spent with you? What about those promises you have made?”  Without answering her questions, he left the apartment with his belongings.

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