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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Mistaken Silences!

Suddenly an SMS flashed on his mobile. It read “Let deafening silence be the order of the day. GM and have a great day!” He was flabbergasted, he couldn’t understand the context or the emotion that the message carried. He thought “What did I do? What did the message mean?”  With a preoccupied mind, he drove his way to the office.

Back at her work, she was disturbed. He had been her sole friend in the new city who helped her to settle down. He had accepted her quirkiness, always been receptive to her garrulity. His sudden silence vexed her up. She thought “What did I do? Did I hurt him with my actions or words?”  After sending him the SMS, she continued with her work. She never thought how her blunt words would have affected him.

By noon, he called her up. After exchanging explanations, which they both agreed, was not needed, they continued with their trivial conversations. There was no animosity, no anger. The distance that the silence had created finally narrowed down.  A thought crossed her mind “Silence can be interpreted in so many ways. We stick to the most damaging version and fill our mind with lots of negativities. Every human action should be given a benefit of doubt.”

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sheena said...

Assumption is the mother of all goof-ups!!