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Monday, January 19, 2009

Creativity At Its Best

I came across some incredible ads during recent times. Perfectly articulated, with hardly any ornamentation, this ad of Maggi truly stands out.

I would call this as a cleverly crafted, creative ad.

This animated ad of Mentos really caught my eyes, the Evolution theory tweaked and twisted.

Creativity is not just limited to ad world, even headlines are sometimes catchy, perfectly striking the chord with the vast, variegated readers. I am able to recollect couple of them like

Raju ban gaya conman – which described the ignominious fall of Mr Ramalinga Raju

An apple a day didn’t keep the doctor away – which reported Apple’s Steve Jobs suffering from hormonal imbalance

Is there something that struck you in a similar fashion and can be termed as "Creativity at its best"?


Ashutosh Didwania said...

I can recollect a news channel coming up with a headline recently which was something like "AB slams Slum"...referring to the Big B's views on Slumdog Millionaire.. though the tag is nothing exceptional, it does have a rhyming effect in the reader's mind.

whoami said...

That was well crafted and rhymed pretty well. Thanks

nutcracker said...

"We spend Hours on every Second" - Xylys watches from Titan

whoami said...

Amazing one. Thanks