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Thursday, January 8, 2009


In this era of infidelity, indifference and commitment is just passé, they showed the world what love and care is all about. Cafe did get its branding right, for they met at a cafe and the initial spark happened over a coffee. The spark continues to glow brighter with each passing day. Their journey called togetherness has entered the fifth year today and that’s something that needs to be lauded.

Wishing C (D) and B (V) many more years of togetherness and may their ride continue to be zealous and zestful.

I have known him for nearly a decade now. He had taught me what friendship and loyalty is all about. Today, he is joining the elite club called thirty.

Wishing A a great day and a fantastic year ahead.


Anonymous said...

:) Thanks for the wishes... and reminding me of my age as well!

whoami said...

@ Anonymous
You are still young at heart!!!