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Monday, January 5, 2009

Trivia about an Anonymous Blogger

I have been blogging anonymously and thought of breaking the practice this year. It's better to make myself visible to others and the way to do it is to answer the questions that are regularly shot at people when met for the very first time.

It goes like this:-

Name: B.R.K
Age: Nearly 3 decades in Mother Earth
Hail From: God's own country
Favorite Color: The color of Tranquility
Favorite Cuisine: A true AQUArian, I love fish especially when they are fried
Favorite Quote: To Err is Human, to Forgive and Forget is Superhuman (my take on Alexander Pope’s quote)
Mostly Seen In: Kurti and Jeans, No makeup, Minimal jewelry
Prized Possessions: Dad, Mom, Sis, Bil & New
Interests: Activities that end with ING like Blogging, Reading, Travelling etc
Detest: The words starting with N as N denotes Negativity. Eg:- N for No, Nope, Never, None, Nothing, Nobody, Nonsense .. also, N for Nemesis
Future Plans: ----------------------
Bizzare Fact: Left hander by birth turned right hander by force

I hope I haven’t missed out anything here. If not sufficient, feel free to ask.


Potter said...

Hey good one. And this introduction could have come earlier too. There was no need for anonymity at all.

whoami said...

@ Thoda Sa, Potter
Thanks for your comments.
"Anonymity is not a sin, but definitely an act of cowardice."
Hope this answers your questions.

gondarala vishnu said...

nice answer...