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Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Different Take on a Romantic Tale!

Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaayaa – a love story about a boy chasing a girl, a girl chasing a boy and with a climax that the audience might not expect or accept!

Karthik (Silambarasan), 22 year old tamil boy, mechanical engineer, aspiring film director falls in love in the very sight with Jessie (Trisha), 23 year old malayalee girl, program analyst with Polaris and his neighbor. He stalks her, proposes to her and at a later stage she does reciprocate his love. Will they live happily ever after? That forms the different and distinct finale of the movie!

Silambarasan, unlike his previous large than life outings, has come up with finesse, flawless performance. Gautham Menon has indeed underplayed him, like the way he had done with his previous heroes. Trisha equally match Silambarasan with her restrained act, her chic sarees, salwars, western attires add to her confused, conservative character. Nobody could have acted the role of Karthik and Jessie the way Silambarasan and Trishan have portrayed, they share a visible, vivacious chemistry! Of the other support actors, the character of Ganesh, enacted by one of the producers, truly stands out.

The music and the background score – Maestro A R Rahman has done it again! Aaromale haunts you, for it plays throughout the movie! How could one do such wonders with Malayalam lyrics?

The flow being a little slow being the major flaw, but isn’t it made for audiences who love romantic tracks and have plenty of time at disposal?

I wonder and ponder - Is there anything called TRUE love?


arun said...

Amazing songs - no doubt!!!

whoami said...

The movie is also good, quite different from the usual candy floss romance!