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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Will Miss You!

Many thoughts clog my mind... irrecoverable loss, inexplicable fear … may be a temporary phase leading to a better, bigger, brighter moments! Change is inevitable, the only variable that remains constant (isn’t it an oxymoron?).. This time I have no choice, can’t flee, and need to tag along.

I will miss him very much, for the past two years, he has been an integral part of my life. Its time to leave him and move on with no hopes of ever coming back! I will lose my address for a while, very soon will know my new coordinates.

Our parting wasn’t decided by me, but by huge set of bigwigs for whom all that matters was revenue
The walls, the corners, the spacious cubicles - its time for me to bid adieu and explore the new avenue!

Never noticed that an inanimate object could make a profound impact in my life!

Adios till we meet again!

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