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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Remorse, Regret & Repent

Why do I fret?
Why do I regret?
Some things are not meant to be
As they are pre decided by Thee!

When my life takes dreadful turn,
It’s your presence that I really yearn
To let you go was the biggest mistake
I wish I never did make!

Why am I still on a blinded grope?
Why am I driven by futile hope?
You are always there for me
But not the way I wanted it to be!

PS:I scored a century with this blog!


barjonas said...

you seem so sad.

Your blog has been visited by barjonas. www.barjonas.org

whoami said...

Indeed I am. Just like the five fingers in our hand, each day offers us something different!

വാല്‍നക്ഷത്രം said...

Ever wondered where all our remorse,regrets and repentence would have gone if not into a piece of paper or blog? Wouldnt it have suffocated and almost killed us if we didnt let it out?Arent words really powerful friends/foes?

PS: Congrats for the century..Stay on crease ;)

whoami said...

Words are indeed powerful!
Hope to be on the crease playing my shots than sulking about the "maiden" overs!

johncheeran said...


Just remember, even regrets have their own utility value. You write well, may be you are reading well, ie, Hesse and all that.
Had enlightenment?
BTW, thanks for pausing at my blog.

Anonymous said...

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whoami said...

Thanks for visiting my blog too. Each experience adds to the journey towards enlightenment!

Happy to hear that!