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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Citizen's Plea

Nearly a dozen terrorists crossed the sea
Reached Mumbai, started their shooting spree
Police, loaded with lathis and artilleries quite old
Became mute spectators, unable to hold

The mayhem that rocked the nation
Began with a gory onslaught at the CST station
Soon Taj, Trident and Nariman House were captured
And its inmates were confined and tortured

Few others became victims of weaponry skills
NSG commandos were brought to end this impair
One militant caught and rest were killed
After sixty hours of explosions and gunfire

The media was on a competitive race
To forge ahead in their respective space
Pak had a role in this nerve wracking play
Is all that the government had to say

People across India is seeking an explanation
What government will do for its nation?
Citizens, currently in a state of shock and sorrow
Need a terror free, peaceful and secure tomorrow

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ceedy said...

Hope something is done soon...good one there