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I see the long way to go

Wednesday, December 31, 2008


If I was a gardener,
I would have cleared the weeds of envy and egocentricity

If I was an artist,
I would have wiped out the colors of rues and miseries

If I was a firefighter,
I would have never extinguished a spark called hope

If I was a mason,
I would have laid the bricks of education, empowerment and enrichment

If I was a teacher,
I would have never taught the words synonymous to corruption

If I was a writer,
I would have effaced terrorism from my readers’ minds

If I was a politician,
I would have strived to build a Utopia in my country

Alas, I am just another programmer
Designing her software called Life to match the entire IF conditions


Divya Venugopal said...

You have put so much conditions to If..Now the question pops..

What If.....

StephTheScribe said...

Nice poem. It's sweet and simple, I really liked the way you ended it. Nice blog there. Keep Writing!