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Now I take the floor
Outside hardens the core
As I start to grow
I see the long way to go

Sunday, December 14, 2008


I venture out after a long time
And I feel a chill down my spine
I see visions of brutal, barbarous warfare
Humankind yearning for peace, love and care

I leave for my workplace
With a feel of uncertainty I need to face
I see visions of idling and state of no job
Thwarted, tormented, discontented mob

I decide to take a relationship ahead
A fear of commitment creeps in my head
I see visions of kinship gone bust
Love long lost, no respect, no trust

The fear, the fright grows on me
I ceased to be what I used to be


Divya Venugopal said...

Fear has become an alter ego for self. The poem goes on to emphasise this point. Looking forward to a happy poem from you

pk said...

after the sunami hit variuos coasts ,various people did various things to confront the reality. some wept ,many preached, but a few went about, keeping their identity at large, trying to salvage what remained of a factor called hope. it is always left to us to learn from disasters and calamities,man made or otherwise. and the only learning is never despair, look forward there is hope yet. so stay cheerful, that's the least you could do .

Potter said...

You only see what you choose to see. Its all about choice. Kick your fear out, and start living.
Optimistic people do not fear about failure. Ppl in love do not fear about commitments. I suggest that you not to be too formal. Trust your instincts.