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Friday, March 13, 2009

Itz Friday!!!

today, the day we all wait for. It plays up the end of a week and a commencement of a new week, new hopes, new aspirations…

Though this week didn’t offer me anything different and drastic, it had been quite exhaustive and hectic. The project that I was a part of is going live today and I need to be awake and alive till wee hours of the day. Work will still be the key focus over the weekend, but need to give some time to unwind and rejuvenate to prepare myself for the moody Monday. It’s just round the corner and can feel the blues already. With Monday comes the wait for the next Friday.

On a lighter note, quoting Mr Farhan Akhtar
“Remember this about Fridays – no matter what you do, where you are, how hard you try, where you go, what you think; no matter who you ask and who argues with you; no matter what anyone says, how much time elapses, how many governments come and go, Friday will always come after Thursday and before Saturday.”

For me, Friday stands up for freedom, friends and freaking out. What’s your take on Friday? Do write in.


Ashutosh Didwania said...

For me Friday is full of excitement but only till the time I'm off to bed at night..The next two days pass off in a whisker and back comes monday (read mundane)

whoami said...

Monday should be a holiday too, isnt it?