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Wednesday, March 18, 2009


He creeps in and creeps out
Reminds me of the battles to be fought

He is there when I am feeling quite low
Or when I am involved in a perpetual row

He guides me through righteous path when I fail
Boosts up my confidence and my morale

He tackles issues immaculately well
He knows the roads to heaven and hell

I feel his presence everywhere, every time
For he is positive, jocund and sublime

He has grown up and matured with me
A voice that I hear but cannot feel and see


Thoda Sa said...

Decided to put this comment initially - then deleted it -

bolo bolo bolo bolo, kaun hai woh!!
bolo bolo bolo bolo, kaun hai woh!!

Then decided to put in another line -

I hope it's your 'antharaathma' you are talking about.

whoami said...

@Thoda Sa
You are absolutely right!!!