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Monday, March 30, 2009

Rapid Fire!!!

Over dinner, was trying to come up with single word for words that generally came across my mind.

It goes as below

Job – Comfort (gets you into comfort zone)
Money – Crazy (can drive you crazy)
Society – Change (needs change)
Country – Citizens (is build by its citizens)
Hobbies – Choice (are alternate choices)
Life – Creation (is all about creation)
Death – Certain (is certain)
Nature – Cajole (always cajoles its children)
God – Controller (is supreme controller)
Fight – Cause (for a cause)
Friendship – Care (is about care)
Love – Convenience (isn’t it all about convenience?)
Marriage – Compatibility (survives if the persons involved are compatible)
Parents – Compassion (synonymous to compassion)

What comes across your mind? Do get back to me.


Anonymous said...

business - corporation
government - cooperate
recession - consolidate ( time to consolidate)
Justice - clemency ( advocating clemency)
pregnancy - coziness (state of coziness for the unborn
Leather - cruelty (towards animals)
mother - completion(of womanhood)
bed-culmination(of a days hard work)
rules - compelled ( to follow)
satisfaction - complacence
strength - capability
conception - climax (following a climax)

Ashutosh Didwania said...

I'm going on a first thought, first word basis...

corporate - power
life - dominance
mind - sharp
heart - instincts
mood - positive
thoughts - energetic
politics - bullshit
victory - aggression

Anonymous said...

I thought, it has to start with 'c', though not explicitly said. what are the rules for the game?

whoami said...

There are no rules. Just write whatever comes to your mind. Anyway, that was an excellent contribution. Thanks a lot

Thanks for your contribution

Agastya said...

Love - Convenience?
Its more like-> Love ---> consequence ( of foolishness )

Job -> Comfort.
Having a job these days gives a sense of comfort! Or do you have a decent boss?

If I juggle some of your pairs ----

Job – Change.
Parents – Controller
Love – Crazy
Friendship – Comfort
Nature – Compassion ( and forgiving )
Money – Cause ( of misery )
Death – Convenience

whoami said...

That reordering looks cool. But I still feel that love is all about convenience

Gowri said...

I loved this game - it's very thought-provoking...hmm let me see...

Nature - Love
Humans - Egoists
Poetry - Heart
Peace - Strength
War - Tears
Trees - Life
Music - Mystery
Art - Soul
Child - Vulnerable

Checked your blog after a long time....very nice articles...keep it going!


Anonymous said...

Quite a good idea actually. Could keep you thinking for quite a while.

Here is my list, albeit a longgg one.

Luck->Indispensable (factor in success)
Work->Unavoidable (our dreams of retiring early remain just that - dreams)
God->Myth (But very real in minds)
Economics->Undeveloped (we could hardly understand economics even after witnessing countless cycles)
Philosophy->Consummate (of all disciplines)
Science->Progress (Science represents progress and is often held back by religion)
Stimulus->Inconsequential (This recession is proving lord Keynes wrong)
Religion->Steroid (Can work, but is a quick fix, and sometimes wreaks havoc)
Friend->Memento (Your friends are a link to your past)
Literature->Seductive (I am slowly being turned a leftist, thanks to A.Roy)
Mathematics->Queen(among sciences)