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Sunday, March 1, 2009


I was tagged by Ashu to write about

facts, of course about me..

Here it goes:-

1-> I am lead by my heart most of the times.

2-> Adore my family. Have dedicated my life to them.

3-> Was left hander by birth, coerced to change to right hand. (Wished my grandpa hadn’t wasted his energy on me!!)

4-> Firm believer that “Everybody is good but circumstances can be tricky and dodgy and people might end up appearing evil and bad.”

5-> Firm believer that “What goes up must come down.” (Law of nature follows a sine curve)

6-> Firm believer that “Everything happens for the good.”

7-> Wanted to be a space scientist and settle in U.S.S.R. (An unfulfilled wish!!)

8-> Wanted to retire at age of 30 and get into social service. (Recession came in between!!)

9-> An ardent Paulo Coelho fan. I have read most of his works. (He is my philosopher, my guide!!)

10-> Love music and musicians. (A talent that is inherent and inherited!!)

11-> Die hard romantic and waiting for a knight in shining armor to sweep me off my feet. (Pyaar manga hai tumhi se!!)

12-> A recurring nightmare that I get is of not clearing my B-Tech, though it has been 8 years since I have graduated. (There are others too for company!!)

13-> Stopped eating meat from 2002. (Chicks and lambs are loitering around feeling safe and secure!!)

14-> Love spicy dishes. (Sweets are a big No No). Can survive on just H20.

15-> Used to be interested in numismatology and philately.

16-> Hate sycophants, male chauvinists, infidels.

17-> Enjoy coding more than people management. (CG is my idol!!)

18-> Suffer from Insomania. (Enamored by the magic and mystic power of NET!!)

19 -> Suffer from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder called Cleaning. (Dusting, mopping, washing are my stress busters!!)

20-> Ophidiphobic. (Didn't even watch Anaconda!!)

21-> Love spending time with children. (Indeed messengers of God!!)

22-> Can never be idle. (Indeed my mind becomes devil’s workshop when idle!!)

23-> Am amiable, amicable, accommodating. (Like to make friends and goes out of my way to keep in touch with them!!)

24-> Learnt to control my temper. (A big achievement, a Herculean task though!!)

25-> Passionate and proud about even the smallest things that I do/achieve. (Always try to give anything and everything my best shot!!)

Bond, Ceedy, Chirag, Jaggu, PAN, Potter, Thoda Sa – I am passing on the baton to you guys.


ceedy said...


#3 So are you lefty or converted.
Grandparents tried but I was "steadfast" I guess - am a proud lefty...in all the senses except using the mouse....

#5 Yeah true...in every way ;)

#7 You can still travel to space - cheuck Richard branson and his space flights...(you will have to just work I guess)

#16 You prolly hate "half the human population" :P

Kewl...will take it up soon!

Ashutosh Didwania said...

So...finally you managed it..most of them I didn't have a clue about..Found #3 really interesting...even more interesting was the one about B.Tech..you gt dreams about your grad even 8 years after being one..

Agastya said...

Love that response about Talent.
And the USSR is no more dear, so that dream will need to be repainted a bit!

whoami said...

Thanks. But where are your 25 facts?

Interesting, isn't it?

Man proposes, God disposes!!!

ceedy said...

Ok next post for sure...meanwhile check the video I put up...yest...

Potter said...

Interesting post. Most of them known, but some of them were really enlightening.
And, I have completed the work that you'd given me. Check out.

whoami said...

Thanks for taking up the task