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Sunday, November 15, 2009

2012 – A disastrous attempt on not so distant disaster!

It’s the first time in my life when I got to see a movie on the very first day of its release. The movie is all about the end of the world, and that too on 12-21-12 as prognosticated by an INDIAN astrophysicist (time for little Garv and Taliyan) Poor guy! Though his prediction turned out to be true, he and his family weren’t saved from the gobbling, gurgling waves of Tsunami!

The film depicts how in spite of the ark being built by Chinese workers, only the Richie Richs of the world, the ones who could afford to buy a ticket worth one billion Euro, got a chance to escape. Anyway, a heartrending speech by American scientist Adrian Helmsley, quoting the lines from the book written by Jackson Curtis convinces the G8 leaders to open the gates of the ark for more people. A melodrama! (What more can we expect from the makers of The Independence Day)

Now, who is Jackson Curtis? Well, he is the hero portraying a zero in life! His book didn’t have much takers, he is separated from his wife who is currently staying with her new surgeon boy friend and her kids with Jackson.

Jackson comes to know about the catastrophe and the film focuses on how he tries to save the lives of his kids, wife and her boyfriend! The movie ends in a happy note – US’s last president’s daughter gets a boyfriend in form of Helmsley (Mr. ex-President! Good that you chose to stay back, you were all the while the sole reason for your daughter being single!), Jackson and his wife reunites (Calamities can reduce divorce rates!) and the ark moves to Africa, to be precise to Cape of Good Hope!

Now, the most interesting part or the lessons learnt – Don’t press the panic button, now that you know that the world will end by 2012. If you have a fat bank balance, a Chinese visa, sound swimming skills and pilot certificate, you would be one among the lucky ones to make it to 0001!

Jokes apart, what’s the one thing that you would have regretted not doing before the end of the world? I would really like to know!


Potter said...

Looks like my kinda movie. I'll make sure to watch it.

whoami said...

All the best for the torture ;)

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Anonymous said...

Survival group against God?? LOL. Good luck with that. Truth is, no one knows the exact time this will happen except the man upstairs, however, I firmly believe that there are people placed here by God that post the warning signs and it's up to you to take heed.
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